Blacklion BA80+ VORACIO A/T On/Off Road Light Truck & SUV

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Performance Ratings:

Wet Performance:
Dry Performance:
Ride Comfort:
Tread Life:

Limited Mileage Warranty:
40,000 Miles/48 Months


Features & Benefits:

  • Modern aggressive AT design.
  • Multi width shoulder grooves improves wet grip.
  • Stair-step tread grooves improves water evacuation and stone retention.
  • Variable groove shoulder arrangement reduces shock providing a smoother ride.
  • Hard apex rubber improves cornering response and handling.
  • High tensile strength bead wire.
  • Jointless Bead Cover: spiral steel band wrapped around beads improves the structural rigidity of the tire resulting in a smooth ride.
  • Extra Poly Ply for added strength.
  • Rim protector





The BA80+ is a premium all-terrain tire that can handle on-and-off road terrains with ease. With an advanced tread pattern and aggressive sidewall the BA80+ delivers exceptional traction on all road conditions. Along with strength and durability it still delivers a smooth and quiet ride for cruising.
* Severe Winter Service – 3PMS certification denotes a true winter tire, meets severe snow service requirements of RMA/ RAC standards.

SizeTire Size L.I./S.R.Load Index/Speed Rating L.R.Load Rating T.D.Tread Depth UTQGUniform Tire Quality Grading
235/70R16 106S SL 13 500 A B
245/75R16 111S SL 12 500 A B
265/70R16 112T SL 13 500 A B
265/75R16 116S SL 13 500 A B
245/65R17 107T SL 13 500 A B
265/65R17 112S SL 13 500 A B
265/70R17 115T SL 13 500 A B
275/65R18 116T SL 13 500 A B
275/55R20 117T XL 13 500 A B
275/60R20 115T SL 13 500 A B
31X10.50R15LT* 109S 6PR 16
LT225/75R16* 115/112S 10PR 16
LT235/85R16* 120/116S 10PR 16
LT245/75R16* 120/116S 10PR 16
LT265/75R16* 123/120S 10PR 16
LT285/75R16* 126/123S 10PR 16
LT235/80R17* 120/117R 10PR 16
LT245/70R17* 119/116S 10PR 16
LT245/75R17* 121/118S 10PR 16
LT265/70R17* 121/118S 10PR 16
LT285/70R17* 121/118S 10PR 16
LT265/70R18* 124/121R 10PR 16
LT275/65R18* 123/120S 10PR 16
LT275/70R18* 125/122R 10PR 16
LT275/65R20* 126/123S 10PR 16

* LT designated sizes are 3PMS certified

  • On/Off Road Light Truck & SUV