Blacklion Truck Tire: BA102 Tire

The BA102 All Position tire is engineered for use in both on and off road applications. The BA102 is designed with a wide footprint and solid shoulder ribs to deliver exceptional stability and resistance to uneven wear through equal load distribution. Constructed with deep tread depth to provide excellent tread life as well as enhanced traction necessary for many applications.

SizeTire Size PlyPly Rating T.D.Tread Depth LILoad Index   S.R.Speed Rating O.D.Overall Diameter S.W.Section Width R.W.Rim Width LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity (Single Load) LCC 2XLoad Carrying Capacity (Dual Load) A.P. Air Pressure
    32nds 1x 2x   in. in. in. lbs lbs psi
11R22.5 16 23 146 143 K 41.8 11.0 8.25 6,610 6,005 120
275/70R22.5 16 22 148 145 K 38.1 10.7 8.25 6,940 6,395 130
11R24.5   16 23 149 146 K 43.7 11.0 8.25 7,160 6,610 120
  • Designed for highway and mixed road surfaces.
  • Deep tread depth for excellent tread life.
  • Solid shoulder delivers stability in all positions.
  • Stone ejectors built into grooves for exceptional stone chipping resistance and excellent tread life.
  • Regional Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Refuse Trucks
  • Ready Mix Trucks
  • Pick-up & Delivery Trucks