About Husky Tire: History & Mission Statement



Husky Tire was created by a group of international businessmen who recognized the need to make the container direct buying process easier and more cost efficient for the American buyer. The Husky team developed an industry leading online ordering system that allows users to place, locate, and track their product purchase easily. 


Customers have visibility to their order throughout the process.  Husky had formed manufacturing partnerships with the best factories in Asia ensuring the delivery of Quality product. Customers can rely on Husky brands for Quality.  Count on our systems for Support. And work with a team that has the customer’s needs in the forefront and can be Trusted to offer you visibility to you order throughout the process. 

Our mission is to provide tire retailers and wholesalers with high-quality commercial and consumer tires.  The quality of Husky’s brands always surpasses customer expectation. Husky staff is open to new ideas, ways to go to market and tire programs.  At Husky we strive to increase the competitive capacity of wholesale tire distributors and their customers.

Husky Tire Provides Value through well executed business strategies:

International Engineering

Our International Engineering Team includes North American, European and Asian tire experts.


For Husky's customers, this ensures that our tire programs are designed with the North American markets in mind.

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing excellence translates into high-quality products. For example, all steer tires are tested for uniformity before they leave the factory.


Confidence in our product is reflected in the comprehensive warranty behind every brand.

Ease of Business

It is easy to do business with us:
• Purchasing is quick and easy with online ordering.
• Online tracking allows customers to efficiently manage their inventory.
• 500,000 sq. ft. warehouse in China provides customers with On-the-ground inventory which significantly reduces time between order and delivery.


Quality, Trust and Support - Husky is your container direct solution.